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The Odd Fellows Hall will open at 12:00 pm. Bingo play will begin at 1:00 pm.


2023 Schedule

  • January 8 – Davis Parent Nursery School
  • February 12 – Team Davis
  • March 12 – Davis Community Meals and Housing/Paul’s Place
  • April 16 – The Madrigal Choir, Davis Senior High School
  • May 14 – NO BINGO
  • June 11 – Community and Employment Services

Davis Odd Fellows Bingo

Davis Odd Fellows Bingo! is a wonderful way for the community to support the many needy non-profit organizations here in Davis. Each month, Davis Odd Fellows Bingo! connects with a local organization that needs assistance. Community members, friends, and family are encouraged and welcomed to come to the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge for an afternoon of to fun playing Davis Bingo. For as little as $12, you can sit with friends and chat or meet new people while helping people in our community.

Davis Odd Fellows Bingo! is a remarkably efficient way of giving to the community. All proceeds from Bingo! gaming, after gaming expenses, go to charitable organizations in our community. The members of Davis Odd Fellows donate their time for Bingo events.

The Davis Odd Fellows are part of a world-wide organization, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Our focus is community support and charitable giving. We have provided significant financial support over the years to local organizations as diverse as Pine Tree Gardens (to assist the program supporting persons with mental illness), the Concilio of Yolo County (for scholarships for Hispanic youth), Martin Luther King Day Committee (to assist in their annual event celebrating this great American), the Yolo County Multi-disciplinary Interview Center (helping abused children), Suicide Prevention, Yolo Hospice, The Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center, Communicare Health Centers, and many others. Visit the Davis Odd Fellows website for more information.

Davis Odd Fellows Bingo! is just another way that the Davis Odd Fellows give back to our community.

Play Bingo

Pricing Information

$12 Easy Pack

  • One ten-pack of regular games (6-on)
  • One each of three specials (3-on)
  • One warm-up (4-on)
  • One Bonanza

$20 Value Pack

  • Two ten-packs of regular games (6-on)
  • Three each of three specials (3-on)
  • Three warm-up (4-on)
  • Three Bonanzas

A La Carte Items

  • Pull Tabs $1 ea.
  • Flash Games $1 ea.
  • 3 on 1 Special Game Cards $1 ea.
  • Bonanza Game Cards $1 ea.
  • Daubers $2 ea.

Snack Bar

Davis Odd Fellows Bingo! offers a variety of snacks for our hungry players.

  • Hot dogs
  • Nachos
  • Soft drinks/water
  • Chips
  • Candy bars
  • Beer and wine

Davis Bingo Rules of Play

  1. Must be 18 to play or be present.
  2. A number is not official until called.
  3. It is the player’s responsibility to clearly and loudly announce “Bingo!” for the caller to stop the game.
  4. A “Bingo” can only be claimed when on the correct paper.
  5. Bingo must be claimed on the most-recent number called.
  6. Jackpots are divided equally if there are multiple winners.
  7. Bingo cannot be claimed after the caller closes the game.
  8. Davis Odd Fellows Bingo! and/or the Odd Fellows Lodge reserves the right to cancel Davis Bingo!
  9. Davis Odd Fellows Bingo! and/or the Odd Fellows Lodge reserves the right to refuse admission.
  10. Players causing a disruption to the game may be removed at the discretion fo the bingo supervisor.
  11. All disputes will be settled by the bingo supervisor and his/her decision is final.
  12. There is no smoking allowed in the bingo hall or the Odd Fellows Lodge first person to a seat with a valid buy-in for that session is entitled to the seat.
  13. Davis Bingo! reserves the right to publicize winners or winning cards.

Past Partners

2022 Schedule and Charity Partners
  • January 9 – N/A
  • February 13 – N/A
  • March 13 – Yolo Hospice
  • April 10 – Davis Phoenix Coalition
  • May 8 – Team Davis
  • June 12 – Community and Employment Services
  • July 10 – Davis Encampment #21
  • August 14 – Foster and Kinship Care Ed Program
  • September 11 – Suicide Prevention
  • October 9 – Soroptimist of Davis
  • November 13 – Rebekah’s President Project — Operation Gratitude​
  • December 11 – Yolo SPCA


2021 Schedule and Charity Partners


2020 Schedule and Charity Partners
  • January 12 – Team Davis
  • February 9 – Davis Phoenix Coalition
  • March 8 – DPNS Preschool
  • April 19 (SPECIAL DATE) – Davis Encampment
  • May 10 – NO BINGO
  • June 14 – Suicide Prevention
  • July 12 – Community and Employment Services
  • August 9 – Foster and Kinship Care Ed Program
  • September 13 – Unleashing the Possibilities
  • October 11 – Soroptimist of Davis
  • November 8 – Davis High School Wresting
  • December 13 – SPCA
2019 Schedule and Charity Partners
  • January 13 – Team Davis
  • February 10 – DPNS
  • March 10 – YCCC
  • April 14 – Encampment
  • June 9 – Yolo County Healthy Aging Alliance
  • July 14 – Community and Employment Services
  • August 11 – Nami Yolo
  • September 8 – Unleashing the Possibilities
  • October 13 – Soroptimist of Davis
  • November 10 – Foster and Kinship care Education Program
  • December 8 – SPCA
2018 Schedule and Charity Partners
  • January 14 – Team Davis
  • February 11 – Pioneer School
  • March 11 – Davis Parent Nursery School
  • April 8 – Davis Encampment #21
  • May 13 – Summer House
  • June 10 – Yolo Hospice
  • July 8 – Community Employment Services
  • August 12 – Foster and Kinship Care Education Program
  • September 9 – Yolo County Healthy Aging Alliance
  • October 14 – Soroptimist of Davis
  • November 11 – Unleashing the Possibilities, Inc.
  • December 9 – Yolo County SPCA

Find Us

Odd Fellows Bingo Location
415 2nd Street in Downtown Davis. The bingo hall is in the lower level of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge.

Seating is limited to the first 100 players. All seating is on a first come, first seated basis

The bingo hall is wheelchair accessible. An elevator is available for public use.

There is plenty of free parking on the city streets around the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge.

Find the Odd Fellows Hall on Google Maps

About Davis Odd Fellows Bingo

Bingo Event History: The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge has been sponsoring monthly Bingo events at its Lodge located at 415 Second Street since 2007. Each month, the proceeds from Bingo game sales, after expenses, are turned over to the charity group selected as the beneficiary of the Bingo event. For the past few years, the annual Bingo event proceeds paid to Bingo charity groups have exceeded $7,000.

Bingo Event Day: The Sunday of each Bingo event, the Lodge doors are opened at noon, with the Bingo event beginning at 1 p.m. and ending around 4 p.m. Typically, fifteen (15) games are played at the Bingo event. Players can choose from an Easy Pack ($12 each) or a Value Pack ($20 each) when playing Bingo, which allows for an affordable and fun experience while helping raise funds for a local charity group. Bingo daubers can be purchased for $1 each. There are cash prizes for the winners of each game. In addition, players can purchase “Pull Tabs” which provide “instant winners” up to $100. Raffle prizes are awarded at breaks during the Bingo event. The final “back-out” bingo game has a cash prize of $250. There will be a snack bar open throughout the Bingo event, with affordable food, snacks and drinks. Coffee is also available at no charge.

Players: Each charity group is strongly encouraged to get at least ten (10) players to come to players to come play Bingo on their Bingo event date. While there are “regular” players who come each month, the more people that your group gets to come, the more your group will benefit. Please note that all players must be 18 years old!

Pre-Sale Tickets: Each group may pre-sell tickets to their Bingo event, with the money you collect being turned into the Odd Fellows. This pre-sale money will be returned to you in a check shortly after the Bingo event, along with your group’s share of the proceeds from the event. Of course, it’s best if you get supporters to come to the Bingo event, but if a supporter buy pre-sale tickets and don’t come to the event, your group will still get the pre-sale money.

Raffle Prizes: Each group needs to bring at least six (6) raffle prizes to the Bingo event. The prizes do not have to be extravagant or expensive; we recommend prizes valued between $10 and $30 each. Examples of prizes are gift baskets based on holiday or other themes, gift certificates donated by local businesses, or bottles of wine or other alcoholic beverages. If your group has an event coming up and would like to donate tickets as a prize, that is completely appropriate. If you have any questions about raffle prizes, or would like some ideas from past groups, please give us a call.

Clean-up: The beneficiaries will help with cleaning up the paper bags and wiping down all of the tables. The OSA will put away the tables and chairs.

Matthew Elliott, Bingo Committee Co-Chair – superfood@gmail.com